IDOC/NA, a non-profit organization dedicated to education and human renewal, has sponsored THE ABRAHAM FILM PROJECT and overseen its fiscal management.  Since 1969 IDOC/NA has promoted the values of free, democratic societies, and issues that concern opinion-makers and public policy-making groups in the United States and globally.  The IDOC/NA management team includes:

JOSEPH F. MICHENFELDER, President, also President & CEO of Napolitan Associates, LLC, a New York based International Public Affairs consulting firm.

ALEXANDRA FULLERTON, Vice-President, is an internet publishing consultant in New York. She built our website.

AUDREY LAURINE GLYNN, Secretary, Educator, City University of New York, Producer-Director of documentary films, NY. 

IDOC/NA is a cooperative network of groups and experts in more than 40 countries who exchange documentation, surveys, photo and film documentaries and in-depth studies on human and spiritual renewal.  By the mid-70’s IDOC/Monthly had 4,000 paid subscribers, and IDOC/NA co-published some ten books by authors such as Dennis Goulet, Martin Marty, Earl D.C. Brewer and Erich Weingartner, and sponsored a series of conferences with United Nations NGOs on Third World Development, Technology Transfer, and Women’s Political Rights, assisted the production of MERTON: A Film Biography for national broadcast on PBS stations in 1984, which received awards of excellence and was re-telecast on ABC in 1992, co-produced the PBS documentary A QUIET REVOLUTION, exploring the impact of Latin American grassroots communities on Latin Societies, and was awarded the 1989 Blue Ribbon of the American Film and Video Association, sharing honors with the Bill Moyers/Joan Konner film, MASKS OF ETERNITY.  Currently, IDOC/NA is promoting, as sponsor or co-sponsor, the Yellow Star Project, the International Consortium for Research & Development of Low Cost Finance and Housing, and THE ABRAHAM FILM PROJECT.   www.IDOChumanrenewal.org


Artistic Directors: Sasha Bogdanowitsch and Darryl Gregory

World in One Pan Arts Collaborative, Inc. is a not for profit corporation dedicated to fostering new music and collaborations between artists of different disciplines. We intend these collaborations to cross the borders between art forms thus creating new artistic vocabularies. World in One is committed to bringing these ideas to a broader community outside of the relatively narrow audiences for “new music.” World in One embraces the Global Community and therefore strives to engender diversity in its creative output.    www.sareel.com/worldinone.html


PETER NEWMAN, a leading producer of quality films, has graciously offered to be a consultant to ABRAHAM.  Peter Newman Productions, in its 30 films, has worked with filmmakers Robert Altman, Paul Auster, Jonathan Demme, Nancy Savoca, John Sayles, Oliver Stone, and Wayne Wang. Peter produced THE SQUID AND THE WHALE, which was nominated by the Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay, and awarded Best Screenplay by the New York Film Critics Association, the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, the National Board of Review, and the National Society of Film Critics; over-all, SQUID collected 13 wins and 24 nominations.


NASEER ARURI, Chancellor Professor (Emeritus) of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts; Chair, Board of Directors, Trans-Arab Research Institute; founding member, Arab Organization for Human Rights, historian, author, editor, essayist.

ALAN BOMSER, ESQ., Attorney, entertainment & intellectual property, Advisor to Intellectual Property Law Seminar, Columbia University; Advisory Board, Yellow Star Project.

JOSEPH CORNELIUS DONNELLY,  UN Permanent Delegate, Caritas Internationalis, Chair, United Nation’s 58th Annual DPI/NGO conference; Advisory Board, Change The Story; leader, Israeli/Palestinian Working Group.

DR. FREDERIC GANNON , Psychiatrist, Board of International Catholic Organizations and of the Opera Lafayette.

JANE HARRISON, Real Estate owner-manager, supports vibrant new plays and films and is a Founding Board Member of the National New Play Network.

CLAIRE HIGGINS, Producer, Founder and Artistic Director of Chain Lightning Theatre, Speech Therapist.

THOMAS HOOVER, Novelist, former Senior VP of Parsons Brinckerhoff, Inc, New York


Jane Adas
Eric & Mary Ann Allison
Salam Al-Rawi
Kirsten Beck
Kay Bullitt
Roger Burnham
Dawn Charles
Ron & Joni Clarke
Andi Dubé
David Duran
Brendan & Maeve Eickelberg
Linda Ayres Frederick
Shawn Gaiero
David Goldman
Vesta Goodarz
Gerry Goodstein
Christopher Gould
Robert Hann
Dennis Henneman
Genevieve Hernandez
Nitzan Herzog
Daniel Higgins
Nadia Hijab
Cathy Hull & Neil Janovic
Julie Jensen
Andrew Kirk
Jim Korn
Cynthia Levin
Seth Marshall
Eva Meyersson Milgrom
Tom Miller
Ignacio Morales
Carrie Needham
Kelly Murphy Perlstein
Herbert Patullo
Rudolfo Peyrano
John Pietrowski
Heather Quick
Julian Ramirez-Bierring
Estavao Tanure Romane
Yolanda Singh
Justin Sloan
Paul & Elizabeth Sunde
Sonia Ragir & Salvatore Tagliarino
Adi Tsabar
Natalia Vergara
Rick Washburn
Yang Wu