This story makes peace. Audiences from opposing sides weep together:

  “A masterpiece that goes straight to the heart of the conflict.” (Bloomberg Radio) “Sunde's timely, gripping, and richly magical play” (American Theater Web) “creates an extraordinary modern parable.” (Contemporary Dramatists)  
  As in Romeo and Juliet “Two houses both alike in dignity belonged to the grandparents” (American Theater Web) of a wounded soldier and an enemy orphan “who experience each other’s passionate hunger for their homes and rights.” (Contemporary Dramatists)  

To take the story everywhere…“would make a first-rate film!” (Plays International, London)

  “One of the most powerful antiwar plays ever precisely the historic moment when we most require its wisdom” (Plays International)…summons the inspiration for a dandy film.(VARIETY)  

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Constant requests led Sunde to adapt the play for film:

  Set in South Lebanon, HOW HIS BRIDE CAME TO ABRAHAM is a soaring love story. When a fleeing refugee encounters a soldier wounded by a roadside bomb, irresistible Palestinian and Israeli characters clash, then ignite a passion that heals.  

The film project was immediately sponsored by IDOC/North America, a non-profit dedicated to fostering human renewal, education, and democratic ideals.

Our team produced a Trailer that itself became a finalist in A&E’s Shorts Festival featuring cinematographer Yahel Herzog (“The Making Of” films THE GREEN ZONE, BROOKLYN’S FINEST, BOURNE ULTIMATUM) as co-director with Sunde; Amir Babayoff, a lead in the Israeli television series WINGS; and captivating Maya Serhan, a Palestinian/American lead from Indie films.

Our new star-to-watch, Ronen Rubinstein [IT FELT LIKE LOVE, SOMETHING IN THE WAY], a fast-rising Israeli-born actor and filmmaker has enthusiastically joined us to play Abraham.

ABRAHAM’s screenplay and script breakdown are completed. Its companion documentary PLAYING PEACE is in process, and Full House Productions, NY has produced ABRAHAM as a CD Audio Play.

While its timely plot attracts world markets, ABRAHAM’s small cast and limited locations permit a low budget. Its appeal - to all demographics across ethnic and religious divides – is proven. Industry feedback predicts the film will deliver even more powerfully than the play. REVIEWS and FEEDBACK

Celebrated directors, both Israeli (Amos Gitai) and Palestinian (Mai Masri) declared their interest in filming ABRAHAM, as have a west coast Studio, an Executive Producer of multiple studio films, and Howard S. Shulman Productions, who optioned it, but none has the “greenlight” capability to make this film happen.

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Since its debut at Playwrights Theatre of NJ (1992), ABRAHAM has had performances in New York and nationwide. First published in PLAYS BY KAREN SUNDE, 2001, then as HOW HIS BRIDE CAME TO ABRAHAM (Broadway Play Publishing, New York, 2006).

Among productions to date: Praxis Theatre, NYC; The Unicorn, Kansas City; International Catholic Associations by Actors Stock Company/NYC; Youngstown University, Ohio. Readings: Princeton Middle East Society, Woodrow Wilson School for International Affairs, Stanford University’s Sociology of Terrorism, New York’s Ansche Chesed Synagogue and Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Israeli/Palestinian Working Group, United Nations.

After a performance in New York, Sunde reports “Israelis and Palestinians stood side by side weeping while they thanked me.”

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