“One of the most powerful antiwar plays ever penned... at precisely the historic moment when we most require its wisdom... succeeds in reaching the hearts of Israeli and Arab spectators and, yes, the rest of us... this life-altering script... achieves a universality that affects our attitudes about the Middle East.”

-- Plays International, London

“A masterpiece... no soft edges... goes straight to the heart of the conflict.”

-- Bloomberg Radio

“Sunde does not take sides in the conflict, and the dialogue has a crisp, biting edge... gripping drama... timely romantic drama... volatile battle zone... vivid portraits of offstage characters and action... cinematic thrust of the pieces summons the inspiration for a dandy film.”

“Critic’s Pick of the Week”

-- Show Business Weekly

“One cannot anticipate the quiet power of the play’s two performers.  The fatigues Babayoff wears and the dirt on his face don’t disguise that this is just a young man who’s really quite scared... open face, bright darting eyes seem to beg for comfort, a sense of security that can’t be found in his Uzi or pistol.  Serhan is equally haunted and haunting... Her soft features can harden almost to stone telling the audience everything it needs to know about her will and her fears.  Serhan’s performance is richly detailed, allowing the audience to see she’s not only a fighter, but also a young woman who’d like to worry about being pretty.”

American Theater Web

“Outstanding work... Babayoff conveys Abraham’s innocence and his warmth and his anguish with remarkable felicity; his is an unforgettably explosive and emotional performance... Serhan gives us her young character’s savvy and also her passion.  Each lets us understand the complex and often conflicting feelings this Israeli boy and Palestinian girl are dealing with as they negotiate this dangerous and rapturous night together.”


Serhan – “Inspirational actress... with a depth and wisdom of one who understands the conflict first hand.  The role seemed created for this actress alone.  Her grace and natural beauty were compelling... handled artillery with calm and dexterity... Israeli TV star Amir Babayoff played Abraham with a masculine passion that was charmingly helpless... believable and engaging.  The casting of both was impeccable.”

-- OOBR.com

Sunde’s timely, gripping and richly magical play... is modern day Romeo and Juliet... an engrossing look at how war can prematurely turn children into adults... one won’t anticipate the emotional pull of her drama... will haunt audiences well after the end of the play.”

-- American Theater Web

“...its events seem ripped right out of today’s headlines.... Pacifist tragedy... a fateful night that profoundly changes them – and us.  Its incisive dialogue, riveting action, and searing audience impact... The play would likewise make a first-rate film.”

-- Plays International, London

“HOW HIS BRIDE CAME TO ABRAHAM creates an extraordinary modern pacifist myth in which a wounded male Israeli soldier and a female Palestinian terrorist experience each other’s passionate hunger for their homes and rights... it indelibly etches itself upon viewers’ souls.”

Contemporary Dramatists, London

photos by Robert D. Redmond